re-thinking the human factor

Sharpen your skills in security awareness, behaviour and culture.

who we help


You facilitate the discussions which define the vision and strategy for security awareness, behaviour and culture. You’re also the person that the CEO comes to when things go wrong. Find out how we can help.

Security Professionals

80% of people responsible for the human factor are not dedicated education & awareness professionals. Find out how we can help you succeed by building your knowledge and skills whilst saving you time.


You work closely with the CISO to turn the strategy into day to day reality. You are always looking for insights which will increase the chances of changing employee awareness, behaviour and culture. Come see how we’ve been re-shaping the industry vision and your future. 

how we help


Find out how our ongoing commitment to research into human awareness, behaviour and culture, can minimise your exposure to human factor risk.

Design Principles & Frameworks

Use our design principles and frameworks to deliver a more mature approach to addressing the human factor.


Professional Development

Become a Certified Human Factor Architect™  (CHFA™) and design environments which increase the chance of changing employee awareness, behaviour and culture.



what we do for you


Learn insights, skills and techniques to define and deliver a human centric approach to security, and enhance your reputation. Tutor led or at your own pace.



Coaching is by far the most powerful tool we use  to help you re-think the human factor . Our One to one or group programmes will help you to lift your game whilst getting qualifications to.



From our bi annual Re-thinkology™ Conference to our webinars and focus group workshops. Our events will rock you!


Additional Resources

Help yourself to these if you would like to re-think the human factor!

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