Re-thinking the Human Factor™


Re-thinking the Human Factor: A Philosophical Approach

Re-thinking the Human Factor is not a book providing a tick box of things to do. It splits its readers in two. You will either love it or hate it.

My intention was to create a space where the reader could take some time, to sit back and, re-think the challenge and subsequent approach to employee education and awareness. 1 day is all you will need to read it.

The book supports the reader, on their re-thinking journey, by asking a range of questions, sharing a series of scenarios and drawing on insights around human awareness, behaviour and culture. The reader is responsible for filling in the blanks.

The book is more of a philosophy, which sets out the case for the need to design with an understanding of what makes us human in mind when raising awareness influencing behaviour and embedding security into organisational culture.


Cyber Security ABC’s

This book was an idea which spun out of a range of workshops I did, with the co-authors, to ISC2 members throughout Europe back in 2018. The workshops focused on Cyber Security awareness, behaviour and culture. I covered “culture” and really loved sharing my thoughts around it.

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