Re-thinking the Human Factor™

Design Principles & Frameworks

Our research programme taught us one thing. To understand how human awareness, behaviour and culture is formed and influenced requires a multi disciplined approach. It involves a great deal of information and data. Gathering and analysing this takes time and requires not just analytical skills but also the ability to consider this in the context of information security.

We take our research findings and develop design principles to guide our clients how to deliver meaningful and demonstrable changes in employee awareness, behaviour and culture. We introduce these to you in our RHF Foundation™ course

We have then developed the SABC® Framework to help our clients embed these design principles into their day to day operations. 

When combined our Design Principles and SABC Framework enable our client to design and deliver environments which increase the chances of compliance and reduce the risk associated with human error. We call this Human Factor Architecture.

Do you want to learn design principles to help you sharpen your initiatives to deliver employee awareness, behaviour and culture? Could you and your organisation benefit from knowing how to apply insights into awareness, behaviour and culture now? Register to join our Founder, Bruce Hallas, at our Re-thinking the Human Factor webinar.

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