Human evolution has made us vulnerable.

In this episode Bruce and ProofPoints in house resident CISO Andrew Rose explore how re-thinking education and awareness, by focusing on applying behavioural and cultural insights can help address CISO’s sleepless nights.


After holding a number of CISO roles, within national infrastructure, finance and professional services, and having won awards for his education and awareness programmes and leadership Andrew is currently the inhouse resident European CISO at ProofPoint.

Andrew has been a long standing ambassador for applying behavioural insight into the design of education and awareness [programmes to deliver change in employee behaviour and culture.


Key Topics 

  • Budget and priorities. 
  • Maturity of industry approach to employee education and awareness.
  • Marginal gains.
  • Skills required to deliver change in awareness. behaviour and culture.
  • Chimp paradox and behavioural insights.
  • The need for security awareness professionalisation.
  • The role of behavioural science in supporting the CISO.





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