Content is king! But there are some caveats.

Content is king, and Corwin has been enjoying content generation for years. But as you’ll discover, in this episode, the old adage about content does have several caveats, and understanding them will help you succeed when delivering effective education and awareness initiatives.


In this episode we talk with a guest who is on the front line when it comes to employee education and awareness. We will talk about video content, tailoring your content to your audience and what it takes to succeed when it comes to creating video content for education and awareness purposes.


We will also explore why we should not neglect, or make assumptions about, the cyber security teams brand and how our customers perceive us. And, if we get this right, how it contributes to our roles as influencers of employee awareness, behaviour and culture.


Corwin is an experienced marketer, videographer, and security awareness educator. He has done international marketing/video work while also helping lead security awareness efforts within the Health Care and Global Supply Chain industries. Corwin’s extensive marketing, video production, and education experience brings a unique perspective into the world of Security Awareness, behavior, and culture.

Key Topics 

  • Unique tailored content for specific audiences.
  • Status quo bias.
  • Overcoming stakeholder resistance to joining in.
  • Video production and success.
  • 4 questions to ask before accepting a video production project.
  • Lesson around phishing email campaigns.
  • Becoming a security influencer.
  • Information security brand and how security is perceived.
  • Personal brand.
  • Positioning yourself and security for success.


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