Awareness, Behaviour, Legal and Regulatory Requirements, with Jonathan Armstrong

Welcome to Series 2, Episode 7 of the Re-Thinking the Human Factor Podcast. Joining us on the show today is Jonathan Armstrong, a lawyer who helps multinational clients with risk and compliance across Europe. Recent projects include lots on data breach, GDPR & data transfer, UK Bribery Act 2010, internal investigations, ethics & compliance code implementation, emerging technology, and corporate governance & online reputation.

He has also written articles on technology and compliance related topics. He is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM) and Vice-Chair of the New York State Bar Association International Section.

Jonathan has also spoken at conferences in the US, China, Brazil, Canada, Vietnam, Singapore, Dubai & across Europe. In addition, he’s been involved in the development of a number of technology applications going back to the 1990s and was twice a Regional Finalist in the UK Government dti/ISI Awards for Innovation in e-commerce.

Awareness, behaviour, legal and regulatory requirements, with Jonathan Armstrong

by Bruce Hallas | Re-Thinking the Human Factor

Awareness, Behaviour, Legal and Regulatory Requirements


  • Training / Practice for helping to not only reduce the likelihood of cyber attacks, but also how to address a problem when something goes wrong (which it inevitably will at some point)
  • The law is increasingly saying that companies must implement some form of education and awareness training, and when a breach does happen, companies must have their arguments ready pre-breach so they can respond effectively to a breach and be able to defend their efforts to stave off the attack
  • Those who have managed breaches most effectively are those who have run simulations and had a plan in place
  • Stakeholder management
  • The role Education and Awareness plays in terms of how a regulator might look at a breach
  • How to spot training programs that will pass regulations vs those that won’t
  • The disparity between the cost of high-quality training vs the cost of handling a breach or facing fines for non-compliance



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Awareness, behaviour, legal and regulatory requirements, with Jonathan Armstrong

by Bruce Hallas | Re-Thinking the Human Factor

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