Re-thinking the Human Factor™

Research & Industry

Our origins are in research and we remain committed to this.

We invest 20% of our time into ongoing research to ensure that you are at the fore front when it comes to employee education, awareness, behaviour and culture.

Our research philosophy is simple. If you want to influence employee awareness, behaviour and culture, and avoid the limitations of education and awareness best practices to date, you need to start with an understanding of the human.

Our research covers all aspects associated with human awareness, behaviour and culture, and importantly, how this can be leveraged to reduce human factor risks.

We have a reputation for leaving no stones unturned in our search for insights. We explore academic disciplines and how these are being effectively used to drive change in awareness, behaviour and culture all around us, as well as within the security industry.

We then use our 20+ years experience in information security and data protection to cut through the masses of scientific, practitioner and industry insights and select the insights which we believe offer the best opportunity to improve your game.

All of this saves you time and money. And, most importantly it reduces your organisations risk.

Find out more about our research programme by joining our Founder in the Re-thinking the Human Factor webinar.

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