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Re-thinking the Human Factor podcast

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Episode 44

An ex regulators view on awareness, behaviour and culture.

We love a different angle here at Re-thinking the human factor and we think this interview is a great new angle with which to tickle your re-thinkology senses. Pay attention closely and it’s littered with insights which can make a difference to your efforts. In this...

Episode 43

What is a people centric approach?

In this episode we talk about what putting the human at the heart of a human centric approach to cyber security means to our guest. We start with base lining human behaviour, assessing where the human risks lie, where to invest your time and resources. We talk about...

Episode 42

Content is king! But there are some caveats.

Content is king, and Corwin has been enjoying content generation for years. But as you’ll discover, in this episode, the old adage about content does have several caveats, and understanding them will help you succeed when delivering effective education and awareness...

Episode 41

Changes in learning & development practices.

In this episode Bruce and Richard Culatta explore how the world is changing in learning and development due to advances in cognitive science or, as we like to call it, "brain science". We explore how these changes drive the need to re-think the importance of training...

Episode 40

Game, set & match! What it takes to win when it comes to the human factor.

In this episode Bruce and ProofPoints veyr own VP for Innovation & Strategy on cyber security education & awareness talk about what she and her team are really focused on, and that's influencing employee behaviour and scaling this to shape clients culture....

Episode 39

Culture! What exactly is it?

In this episode Pellegrino and I explored culture in both a society wide and organisational context. We pushed ideas around about what “culture” actually is. We talked about values, value systems and how these drive complex patterns of ideas, emotions and behaviours”....

Episode 38

Human evolution has made us vulnerable.

In this episode Bruce and ProofPoints in house resident CISO Andrew Rose explore how re-thinking education and awareness, by focusing on applying behavioural and cultural insights can help address CISO's sleepless nights. Guest After holding a number of CISO roles,...

Episode 37

A conversation with award-winning CISO, Andrew Rose

A conversation with award-winning CISO, Andrew RoseANDREW ROSE joins us for Episode 37 of the Re-Thinking the Human Factor Podcast. Join us for this straight forward discussion with an award winning CISO who transformed security management for three major...

Episode 36

Know your cyber security risks, with Prudence Smith

Know your cyber security risks, with Prudence SmithPRUDENCE SMITH joins us for Series 3, Episode 11 of the Re-Thinking the Human Factor Podcast. Join us as we discuss risk assessment within a changing cyber landscape. We know our listeners are going to glean a great...

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