Re-thinking the Human Factor™


We have been training CISO’s Education & Awareness Managers and information security professionals  since 2017. Our training courses and workshops have  delivered on our promise, to all of our attendees, to help them re-think the human factor.

Our courses have consistently placed our attendees at the fore front of advances in security awareness, behaviour and culture which has helped reduce their organisations risk exposure whilst strengthening their personal and teams credentials.

We promise to introduce you to a bold and invigorating approach, based on science and real life application of human insights, which will give you a re-newed sense of what is actually possible and how to achieve this.

We invite you to come  join the organisation that has pioneered the professionalisation of the human aspects of information security strategy and operations through our ground breaking Certified Human Factor Architect™ (CHFA™) qualification. The first of its kind in the information security industry.

“The Re-thinking the Human Factor has provided us with a guiding set of principles and a process for delivering demonstrable changes in awareness, behaviour and culture. We’ve integrated these into the design and development of our ISMS and education and awareness programme to ensure that we create the best possible environment for our people to make positive security decisions.”

CISO (Global Professional Service Practise)

Become a Certified Human Factor Architect™

 Hear what other security professionals have to say about our courses.

“The workshop includes practical examples that can be quickly applied to improve security behaviours.”

CISO Travel & Tourism

The workshop was everything I hoped for and more. As well as covering a wide range of theory which applies to behavioural compliance it included numerous practical examples.”

Interim CISO

Interim CISO, Airline

“I’d recommend the workshop to InfoSec professional with responsibilities for security education and awareness. It will give them new insights on influencing behaviours and attitudes especially in situations where they’re experiencing diminishing effectiveness with their conventional approaches.”

CISO, UK Public Sector

Professional Development

RHF Foundation™

Build a successful change programme from the foundations up. In this course you will learn the basics of human awareness, behaviour and culture and how to turn these into design principles for all your work.


The Human Factor Risk Assessor™ course is for anyone struggling to build a business case, get stakeholder buy in or prioritorise investment. We believe that this will be a game changer for you.


Learn how to embed our Human Factor Design Principles into your strategy and every initiative you design and deliver for changing employee awareness, behaviour and culture.

How can we help you?

Training to enable you to deliver a review of your education and awareness strategy.


You have the opportunity to re-set the organisations vision for what security awareness, behaviour and culture should look like and the strategy for getting you there.

Maybe, the opportunity has come around because you’re new to the role, the organisation has suffered an incident or your coming to the end of your existing strategy. Either way, the success of the review will shape your reputation with the Board and your colleagues for years to come.  

Our training and coaching options enable you to conduct a strategic review which both assess where you are now but, most importantly, enables you to identify where you need to be in 3 years time. It will save you time, reduce your exposure to human factor risks and turn your strategy for employee education and awareness into a positive factor in discussions with regulators, customers and the media should an incident occur.

Find out more by joining us on our monthly webinar. 

Training to build up yours and your teams capacity?


You have an ambitious and bold strategy for employee education and awareness. You want to develop a more mature approach and focus on behaviour and cultural change.

How can you develop your own and your  teams capacity to deliver this?

We support CISO’s and Directors to build unique teams to tackle the challenge of the human factor. We use coaching and training to give them  an understanding of human awareness, behaviour and culture and then  convert this into meaningful insights to help design more effective initiatives .

Join our monthly webinar and find out more.

Learn the basics of human awareness, behaviour and culture and how to apply these to your employee education & awareness programme.

Training & Coaching Schedule 2024

Month Dates Time Zone Title No of Places Language More Information
April 22nd-26th Europe RHF Human Factor Risk Assessment (HFRA™) 12 English Webinar registration
June 17th-21st Europe RHF Foundation™ 12 English Webinar registration
July 15th-19th Europe RHF SABC™  Course 12 English Webinar registration
September 16th-20th Europe RHF Human Factor Risk Assessment (HFRA™) 12 English Webinar registration
November 11th-15th Europe RHF Foundation™ 12 English Webinar registration


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Come join our Founder, Bruce Hallas, as he explains our vision for professionalising careers in security awareness, behaviour and culture, in this webinar.

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