Re-thinking the Human Factor™

RHF Foundation™

Our Foundation course illustrates why our training is unique compared to current industry options and how we have been re-setting the standards for professionalising employee awareness, behaviour & culture.

At the RHF we believe your best chance of success, when it comes to managing human factor risks, is to start with a basic understanding of what makes us human. After all, if your role is to raise awareness, influence behaviour and foster an organisational culture then wouldn’t you benefit from knowing something about human awareness, behaviour and culture?

Our course provides you with a set of firm foundations in human awareness, behaviour and culture. We use these insights, into what it means to be human, to extract a range of “design principles” which can improve the chances of your success in changing employee awareness, behaviour and culture.

We will highlight how these are being used currently all around the world to successfully deliver changes in peoples awareness, behaviour and culture.

These design principles can either be integrated into your enterprise wide strategy for managing human factor risks or used to design tactical initiatives, campaigns and programmes to target your entire workforce. They’ll even possibly highlight opportunities to improve the effectiveness of what you are currently doing without having to invest heavily in change.

But the benefits of the course do not end there. Come and learn about how by re-shaping the way we think about the human factor it opens up new opportunities for building a more effective business case for investment, creating a range of metrics to demonstrate value and engaging with enterprise wide stakeholders in a more meaningful way.

Join me on a webinar and find out about the unique syllabus, format and the benefits to your organisation which make training with the Re-thinking the Human Factor something you barey have to think about.


RHF Foundation™  Course  Key Features
Frequency 3 courses per year
Number of Places 15 place per course
Duration 5 days
Sessions 5 x 3 hours
Time Zones  Europe, Americas & Australia
Recorded sessions Yes
Delivery Online
Payment Options One off payment or 6 instalments
Preparation Work Yes
Certificate of Completion Yes
Any pre-requisites to apply No
Signed copy of the RHF Book Yes
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