Re-thinking the Human Factor™

RHF HFRA (Human Factor Risk Assessment)™

The HFRA™ course re-sets the role of risk management within the context of the human factor in a way that industry stakeholder for training and certification, as well as vendors and academic institutions, have so far failed to recognise.

The course syllabus, if implemented, will, we guarantee, enable you and your CEO  to demonstrate a risk based approach to the human factor  which third parties, including regulators, customers and the Board will recognise as both reasonable and appropriate.

Implementing the course content will enable you to make investment decisions more effectively, prioritise resources appropriately and engage broadly with enterprise wide stakeholders in a way that education and awareness has never done before.

The course will show you the opportunity for new metrics and how to overcome resistance to the change required to achieve your strategic and operational KPI’s whilst enabling you, in  worst case scenario, to respond confidently to regulatory and customer oversight at the highest possible levels.

Attending this game shifting Human Factor Risk Assessment course and becoming a Certified Human Factor Risk Assessor, is a no brainer, for any one looking to demonstrate a more mature approach to employee awareness, behaviour and culture.

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RHF Human Factors Risk Assessment ™  Course  Key Features
Frequency 3  courses per year
Number of Places 15 place per course
Duration 5 days
Sessions 5 x 3 hours
Time Zones  Europe, Americas & Australia
Recorded sessions Yes
Delivery Online & Face to Face
Payment Options One off payment or 6 instalments
Preparation Work Yes
Certificate of Completion Yes
Assessment Yes
Any pre-requisites to apply?

RHF Foundation™ Course

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