Re-thinking the Human Factor™

RHF SABC™ Consultant

SABC® – Our SABC® Framework enables you to embed the Human Factor Design Principles into your strategy and through into annual and tactical initiatives to influence employee awareness, behaviour and culture. You can use it to perform a gap analysis, assess your maturity and identify opportunities for improvement whilst enabling your CEO to answer effectively how they took non-compliance with security policies seriously.

CHFA™ – Choose whether you want to be a RHF SABC® Practioner™ or master the art of security awareness, behaviour and culture with the RHF SABC® Master™. Whatever you choose you will earn the right to use the Certified Human Factor Architect (CHFA™) title. It isn’t easy though!

Online Tutor Lead
Frequency Anytime 3 times per year
Number of People Unlimited Unlimited
Duration 3 days
Sessions 4 x 3 hours
Recorded sessions No Yes
Delivered Online Online
Payment One off or installments One of or installments
Preparation Work Yes Yes
Certificate of Completion Yes Yes
Catch Up No No
Signed copy of the RHF Book No Yes
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