Re-thinking the Human Factor™

RHF SABC® Practioner™

Our SABC® Practitioner Course enables you to take the Human Factor Design Principles, learnt in the RHF Foundation Course, combine these with your Human Factor Risk Assessment and design working environments which increase the chance of success in influencing employee awareness, behaviour and culture.

The SABC® Practitioner Course gives you, as the designer of your organisation’s strategy or annual and tactical initiatives to influence employee awareness, behaviour and culture, an enterprise wide architectural map to embed human factor design principles, into your day to day operations.

You will learn how to apply awareness, behaviour and cultural insights to both identify and design more effective new initiatives to influence employees but also importantly, identify opportunities to improve your existing efforts to deliver change.

The course provides a range of SABC™ objectives and a recommended framework of SABC™ controls to achieve these.

Learning the SABC® architecture and combining this with the RHF™ Foundation Course and HRFA™ will enable you to both perform a benchmark exercise to assess your strategic and operational maturity depending on several variables.

SABC ™ will also empower you to define your needs, as a business, for the vendor market to respond to in specific terms around awareness, behaviour and culture whilst also giving you the knowledge to ask informed questions to assess vendor claims.

The SABC® architecture can be implemented alongside, or integrated within, almost every information security architecture or standard, including NIST and ISO27001. Its structure is recognisable, to almost any organisation and CISO.

SABC® is being applied in organisations, right now, with operations all around the world and work forces of in between 500 and 100,000. It has drawn the attention of organisations who have, post an incident, wanted to demonstrate that they were stepping up their efforts, or who wanted to pro-actively implement a more mature approach to demonstrably influencing employee awareness, behaviour and culture based on the latest scientific and industry insights.


SABC® Practitioner Tutor Lead
Frequency of courses 3 times per year
Number of People per course 15
Duration 4 days
Sessions  4 x 6 hours
Recorded sessions Yes
Delivery Online & Face to Face
Payment One off or instalments
Preparation Work Yes
Certificate of Completion Yes
Assessment Yes
Signed copy of the RHF Book Yes
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