Re-thinking the Human Factor™


Having a strategic vision is about seeing into the future and knowing what good will look like! If your strategic objectives are based on what you know now, or where you believe you should be now, then you run the risk of delivering a strategy for employee education and awareness in 3 years time which is routed in the past!

Being able to see into the future requires you to have insight. Insight comes from data, information and the ability to join up the dots. All that takes time. Most CISO’s reading this website, do not have an abundance of time.

At the Re-thinking the human factor we’ve invented a time machine! We perform the research, we boil this down into meaningful insights and then share this through coaching and training with CISO’s and their Education & Awareness Managers. This enables them to critique where they currently stand and gain a glimpse into the future, based on real life and academic insights, into changing awareness, behaviour and culture.

Book a call and find out how we have been supporting CISO’s manage human factor risks through our coaching and training options since 2017.

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