Re-thinking the Human Factor™


As the Education & Awareness Manager you are already running a range of tactical initiatives and an annual programme of activities to influence employee awareness, behaviour and culture.

You’re responsible for reporting operational metrics up to the CISO and identifying risks and opportunities for improvement which could re-shape the organisations strategy for the next 3 to 5 years.

Possibly, like many other Education & Awareness Managers, you are task rich and time poor! Like many of your peers you might be passionate about your role and driven to deliver meaningful change.

You’re intrigued about industry chatter about the potential role of behavioural and cultural insights in stemming the risk associated with employee inter-actions with your information and systems, but more importantky you want to know how you can apply this.

A majority of readers of this page will be managers, in a team of 1! And, even where they are fortunate enough to manage a large team, they will most likely find that they don’t have the time to do effective research.

Here, at the Re-thinking the human factor, we help Education & Awareness Managers sharpen their skills, knowledge and capacity to address the challenge of employee awareness, behaviour and culture.

Our training programme and range of certifications provide a structured and industry unique, career path that will sharpen your skills to design working environments which increase the likelihood of compliance with your security and privacy policies and make you stand out as a trusted partner when managing human factor risk.

Register for our monthly webinar to find out how we have been supporting managers and their teams through trainign and coaching to re-think the human factor.

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