Re-thinking the Human Factor™

Group Coaching

Our Group Coaching is in response to requests from previous clients for help to support them to implement what they have learnt in our Re-thinking the Human Factor Foundation course. without the heavy investment in consultancy services.

Our  Group Coaching  is a combination of teaching, mentoring and coaching over an extended period of time. All of our coaching in 2021 will be delivered by Bruce Hallas


  • Completion of the Re-thinking the Human Factor Foundation course.
  • Certificate of completion of the coaching programme and Re-thinking the Human Factor Foundation course.
  • A more effective business case for investment.
  • A strategy for delivering effective and demonstrable changes in security awareness, behaviour and culture.
  • How to improve the effectiveness of education & awareness initiatives as well as efforts to influence behaviour and culture.
  • A benchmark to measure your own organisations maturity against.
  • A ground breaking human factor risk assessment methodology.
  • A more effective business case for investment in the human factor.
  • 100% confidence in your ability to answer regulators request for evidence of how you sought to deliver compliance with your policies.
  • I will save you time and reduce your exposure to risk.

Our lack of understanding the impact of culture on security outcomes is one of the main reasons that we’ve struggled to influence security behaviours. It’s fantastic to see someone tackling the issue of security culture and its impact on behaviour in such a structured and practical way.”

CISO, Travel & Tourism

“Bruce has a great way of deconstructing information security concepts so that their relationship with human behaviours and culture becomes a clear and tangible conversation, where the value of our activities can be truly measured against our objectives” Interim CISO UK Retail

Interim CISO

UK Retail

“Re-thinking the Human Factor has provided us with a guiding set of principles and a process for delivering demonstrable changes in awareness, behaviour and culture. We’ve integrated these into the design and development of our ISMS and education and awareness programme to ensure that we create the best possible environment for our people to make positive security decisions.”


Professional Services

Group coaching includes:

  • Coaching Programmes in Europe, Americas and Australia time zones.
  • 1 hour pre-programme one to one call to discuss personal objectives.
  • 12 x 2 hour online tutorials.
  • Programmes for European, America’s and Australian time zones.
  • Preparation work for each session including reviewing a range of Re-thinking the Human Factor videos, reading and listening content.
  • Access to recording of coaching sessions for the duration of the programme.
  • Certificate of Completion (JPEG).
  • Signed copy of the Re-thinking the Human Factor book. (£9.99 ex VAT).
  • Access to the SABC Introduction Course (£1,750 ex VAT)
  • Access to the RHF Foundation Course™ (£1,750 ex VAT)
  • Verification of your certificate of completion to third parties.
  • Choose from 3 start dates per year.
  • Limited to 6 people per coaching programme.
  • Payment options for independent consultants and students.
  • Our 100% promise of satisfaction.
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