Thoughts from Brazil

We know that audiences in different parts of the world interpret messages in different ways. Marketing professionals have recognised this for years, and those responsible for raising awareness of their brands and products across global markets, have done their best to reflect this in their marketing campaigns, planning and delivery.

For those of you have tuned into previous episodes of the show, where I have interviewed Geert Jan Hofstede, and Pellegrini Ricarrdi, you will have heard my guests and myself talk around how culture acts like a lens through which we interpret the world around us, including cyber security.

So, recognising this, and also recognising that the shows listeners come from all around the world and have their own cultural nuances and takes on security awareness, behaviour and culture, I thought I’d reach out and ask an Education & Awareness Manager, from Brazil in South America to come and join me on the show to give me their perspective.

In this episode Ceu explains her take on the challenge of employee awareness, behaviour and culture. Whilst some of the challenges remain consistent with Europe, North America and Australia I think Ceu highlights and illustrates some challenges which are more granular and deeper rooted in Brazil.

Ceu deserves a super thank you from me. It’s a real challenge to step up to the microphone and spend an hour talking about the human factor in a language that’s not your native tongue but she was awesome and I personally feel enrichened to have heard her side of the story when it comes to addressing the human factor within Brazil and South America.

Key Topics

  • The maturity of employee education and awareness in South America.
  • Challenges around resources and skills to address awareness, behaviour and culture.
  • Drawing on other non-security professionals and disciplines.
  • Personalising content and the message to your audience.
  • Differences in cultural values and approaches.
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